Useful Sticky Notes

My Mac OS X Development Env

Updated: 8/9/2014
Updated: 1/26/2015

I've laid out a fairly detailed over-arching rationale for how my software will be organized in this post: "Update: New Mac Mini - Baseline Software Stack Setup"

Categorizing and Listing all the Useful Development Tools that I install and use (regularly) on my Mac OS X MacBook Pro Laptop (my main personal development platform). Tools are free except where labeled green for one-time purchased tools, and red for subscription tools. A link "[*]" is provided ahead of each item for additional personal notes on the tool where applicable.

Package/Software Management

  • Apple's appstore (shipped)
  • [*] homebrew (
  • homebrew cask extensions (
  • [*] Modules software installation switcher (
  • git software repository management (via homebrew - 1/16/2015 Yosemite:yes) [brew install git] (for gitk)
  • svn software repository management (shipped - 1/16/2015 Yosemite:yes)
  • cvs software repository management (shipped - 1/16/2015 Yosemite:no)
    [brew install cvs]
  • mercurial software repository management (I forgot! - 1/16/2015 Yosemite:no) [brew install hg (with caveats)]

Programming Languages

  • clang compiler (via Apple's xcode from the appstore)
  • gcc/g++/gfortran compilers (via homebrew) [brew install gcc --without-multilib] (annoyingly, the caveat pops after 35m of building gcc to tell you OpenMP may not work if multilib is enabled)
  • java 8 (via Oracle)
  • python (via homebrew - 1/16/2015 Yosemite:yes)
  • perl (shipped)
  • ruby (shipped - and a prerequisite for Homebrew
  • octave math scripting (via homebrew - 1/26/2015 Yosemite: homebrew with cask extension) [brew cask install octave]

Parallel Programming Models/Runtimes


  • emacs (via homebrew 1/16/2015 Yosemite:yes)
  • vi/vim (shipped? - 1/16/2015 Yosemite:yes)
  • eclipse (via homebrew with cask extension) - needs java 7+ [brew cask install eclipse-ide]. Requires sudo. When built, available as an Apple Application.
  • xcode IDE (via xcode from the appstore)

Build Tools

  • GNU autotools (via homebrew) [brew install automake] (automatically pulls in autoconf as a dependency)
  • cmake (via Turns out Homebrew supports cmake too! [brew install cmake] (automatically pulls in xz as a dependency)
  • make (shipped)
  • ant (for Java - via homebrew) [brew install ant]

Debugging Support

Supporting Tools/Extensions

  • boost libraries (via homebrew) [brew install boost]
  • libxml2 libraries (via homebrew) [brew install libxml2] (requires modules environment)
  • swig language wrapper generator (via homebrew) [brew install swig]
  • mysql database (from
  • virtualbox virtual machine support (via

File/Data Sharing Frameworks

Documentation Tools