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Monday, June 24, 2013

Transition From MacPorts to HomeBrew

So, I've decided to take a dive and get rid of MacPorts and use HomeBrew.

I will update this systematically as I proceed with the following instructions I found:

Update: That seemed to have worked. Now to install Homebrew via:

Edit: That link suggested the more reliable instructions to be found here:

Edit: That seemed to have worked too, but "brew doctor" has some things I need to pay attention to before I can declare this a success.

It would appear I had forgotten about Fink. Home Brew says I do not need to uninstall it, but my instincts tell me that whatever Fink installed probably needs to be uninstalled or moved into some sandbox.

The appropriate command appears to be:

fink purge `fink list | perl -lne '/^\s*i\s+(\S+)/ and print $1'`

Edit: Okay ... it skipped "Essential and Virtual" packages, and while purging complained of packages in the list that weren't actually installed. What a mess. Let's hope my machine holds after this. Going to remove /sw/bin/fink after this.

My current solution to fink is to:

sudo mv /sw  ~/MyFinkArchive

and comment the line in my .profile trying to invoke in the Fink archive.

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