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Friday, August 19, 2016

Public Digital Credentials via Badge List

In the course of my recent volunteer work with the OpenWorm community, I've had the opportunity to explore the use of Badges as a community tool to establish digital credentials for members of the community.

The basic concept of Badges comes from an education perspective. The idea is to permit an open and transparent method of acknowledging one's online course credentials after completing courses, tutorials, and the like. For organizations like OpenWorm, it has the secondary benefit of being a way to identify expert mentors whom new volunteers could approach for help in appropriate technical domains.

As an open science organization, OpenWorm ( has started to make use of Badge List ( for this purpose. And the purpose of this blog post was simply to test the embedding of earned badges from Badge List into a blog. I figured the prior long exposition on badges and digital credentials might make this a more meaningful post :).

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