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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Some Brief Notes On -finstrument-functions

Been trying to get back to profiling some of my Mac OS X stuff, and I struggled a little bit to get this working. The main snafu on my part was testing a "simple" code naively. Not really thinking, I did:

gcc -finstrument-functions test.c instrument.c -o test

This results in a segfault, which on closer examination via lldb (gdb equivalent on the Mac) would show a very very deep stack trace. The reason this happens is because the instrumentation functions __cyg_profile_func_enter and __cyg_profile_func_exit both also get automatically included in the instrumentation setup.

There appears to be a non-standard function attribute that can be associated with the 2 instrumentation functions, but others appear to have run into scenarios where compilers would not recognize the attribute, resulting in the same segfault.

The solution is simple:

gcc -c instrument.c
gcc -finstrument-functions test.c instrument.o -o test

but this just tells me the support for profiling in this setup is pretty much an afterthought. Anyway, this really is a note-to-self in case I forget in the future, and need to figure this thing out again.

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