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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Personal HPC Cloud Computing Options

While in the middle of my career transition, it occurred to me that I had been fortunate to have had access to (essentially) unlimited supercomputing facilities. It also occurred to me that I had taken all of these for granted. Whatever I do in the future, I would like the option to do useful work in HPC without having to own a parallel machine of my own or to acquire grants for special access to a scientific resource.

It turns out I might just be able to, and relatively cheaply too!

1) The most promising: Penguin Computing POD services -

This seems to have everything I might want in a personal (non-virtualized, even!) HPC platform to conduct any of my own work on my own time. Some details are missing (e.g., how far I can scale) but I suppose I can find out when I inquire for access.

2) Hewlett Packard also offers semi-HPC-like services on their public cloud -

Unfortunately, the last time I checked, the scaling is limited to 8 cores and the compute environments are virtual. That would be no different from myself acquiring a many-core chip for my own compute platform.

That is it for now, but I am certain I will see more options as I dig deeper.


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